HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy

From small local businesses to the largest multi-nationals, we work to understand our clients' business strategies and help them develop HR strategies to fulfill them.

Our unique knowledge of finding and managing individuals and huge workforces can really transform your business; we help our large clients convert high level HR strategies into operational people management plans and execute them on an ongoing basis, while our advice helps smaller clients to gain the competitive edge and successfully grow their business.

The result of our consultancy skills and solutions is world class HR advice that can improve your efficiency and productivity. From a local through to national level, all of our managers and consultants deploy their consultancy skills and use them to understand how our products and services can best help your company.

The HR Consultancy Solutions We Provide:




  • Providing update on employment law and/or regulatory changes

  • Review employment terms/staff handbook to ensure compliance to regulatory requirements or local policy changes

  • Review/Draft policies to be aligned to changes to regulatory requirements

  • Developing and drafting an original employment contract/staff handbook template


  • Application of EP/S Pass/Work Permit/Work Holiday Pass/Dependent Pass/Long term visit pass

  • Renewal of EP/S Pass/Work Permit/Work Holiday Pass/Dependent Pass/Long term visit pass

  • Appeal to Ministry of Manpower

  • Cancellation and replacement services


  • Developing and drafting HR letter templates for promotions, increments, terminations, dismissals, confirmations

  • Developing and drafting HR Memos or circulars for notification of early release, advance salary payment


  • Providing advice on HR matters such as termination or dismissal of staff, salary calculation, statutory contributions

  • Providing advice on employment act, MOM regulation, statutory compliance, best practices and Work Pass issues

  • Providing advice on HR policies, procedures, and processes

  • Providing regular regulatory updates and insights


  • Conducting strategic HR reviews to obtain a clear and objective view of the current state of client’s HR function

  • Designing and implementing of HR Strategy

  • Reviewing of HR Information Systems


  • Managing performance appraisals

  • Collating and presenting performance ratings reports

  • Advisory on promotion metrics and performance incentive payouts

  • Advisory on managing probation and confirmation appraisals for new hires

  • Advisory on managing performance appraisals with line managers

At Manpower we will never sell you a solution. We develop them in response and anticipation of your needs.

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