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  • Location: East
    Job Type : Permanent
    Date: Monday, 20 August 2018
    Assist his supervisor for good working practices amongst workers and to see that they abide to all the safety regulation enforced in the plant Assist his supervisor for blending diving gases , troubleshoot and solve any production and ./ or technical problems Carry out full inspection of all packs returned by customers such as physical condition of equipment, residual gas pressure and recording of all date into inspection record form and update stock. Capable of assisting his supervisor in preparing gases according to customer’s orders. Capable of handling the routine tasks assigned him to him and reports to his supervisor accurately, e.g. checking gas pack pressure Demonstrate an ability to look after the general well being of the plant, e.g. on the look-out for leaking couplings , faulty instruments, etc. Able to interpret laboratory results correctly and knows the required adjustments to be made Capable of differentiating the different color coding for the various gases. Assist his supervisor in ensuring that all gas packs supplied to our customers are in good order. Able to carry out jobs like filling of packs, evacuation of packs, etc. with little supervision Able to distinguish unsafe acts or condition in the plant and suggest to his supervisor for corrective actions Capable of assisting his supervisor in carrying out simple mechanical jobs like changing cylinder valves , repairing leaks , etc Fully conversant and can apply proper procedure for starting and stopping of running equipment, e.g. compressors