ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey

16% of Employers in Singapore Intend to Hire in 2Q18, Latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS)

Favorable hiring climate observed in Q1 2018 expected to continue in Q2

Workforce gains are anticipated in all seven industry sectors for the second quarter of 2018, according to ManpowerGroup’s latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey (MEOS).

Out of 695 employers in Singapore surveyed, 16% of them plan to increase staffing levels, 5% forecast a decrease and 72% anticipate no change. The Outlook stands at +11% after seasonal variation has been accounted for.

Hiring prospects remain relatively stable when compared with the previous quarter, and improve by 3 percentage points when compared with this time one year ago. The strongest labor market is forecast by Public Administration & Education sector employers with a Net Employment Outlook of +25%, and Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector employers also expect an active hiring pace, reporting an Outlook of +24%.

Elsewhere, Outlooks of +10% and +9% are reported in the Wholesale & Retail Trade sector and the Manufacturing sector, respectively, while Services sector employers report an Outlook of +8%. Modest hiring plans are reported in the Mining & Construction sector with an Outlook of +7%, and in the Transportation & Utilities sector, where the Outlook is +6%.

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