ManpowerGroup in the News 2022

ManpowerGroup in the News 2022

December 2022

12 December 2022 - askST Jobs: Can you ignore work-related messages sent after hours?, The Straits Times

November 2022

19 November 2022 - Willingness to take on project-based work makes this 67-year-old consultant employable, The Straits Times
19 November 2022 - Headhunted for corporate work into her 50s, The Straits Times
19 November 2022 - Getting hired as mature workers: They got new jobs after age 55, The Straits Times
7 November 2022 - askST Jobs: Should a very short stint in a new job be included in one’s resume?, The Straits Times

October 2022

27 October 2022 - Inflation in Singapore will stay high next year even as pace of economic growth slows: MAS, The Straits Times
4 October 2022 - Money Mind 2022/2023 - S1E24: Currency Pressure, Channel NewsAsia

September 2022

13 September 2022 - Looking for a job? 50% of employers are planning to hire in Q4, Singapore Business Review

13 September 2022 - Half of Singapore employers plan to hire in Q4: ManpowerGroup survey, The Business Times

5 September 2022 - askST Jobs: I've secured a job with a rival firm. What can I do so I don't burn bridges?, The Straits Times
3 September 2022 - Reject a promotion? Why not!, The Business Times

​August 2022

​​​22 August 2022 - How to stand out in job hunt upon graduation, The Straits Times

​July 2022

​​​11 July 2022 - askST Jobs: I heard a retrenchment exercise is coming. What can I do?, The Straits Times
4 July 2022 - askST Jobs: My boss keeps picking on me and criticising my work. What can I do?, The Straits Times

June 2022

27 June 2022 - 5 tips for job hoppers to fend off scepticism from employers, colleagues, The Straits Times

23 June 2022 - "Airports dangle higher pay, better terms to deal with manpower shortage", The Business Times
7 June 2022 - Civil service pay rise can have 'ripple effect' on job market, say HR experts, CNA Digital
5 June 2022 - Majority of platform workers have no immediate plans to leave their jobs: Poll, The Straits Times

May 2022

​​26 May 2022 - 晨光|大数据 新视力:国人基本开销随防疫措施放宽增加, Channel 8

April 2022

​​8 April 2022 - Manpower nightmare: F&B businesses offer higher pay to no or few takers, urge MOM to relook foreign labour policy, TODAY Online

​3 April 2022 - More women find work opportunities amid the pandemic, The Straits Times
​3 April 2022 - 5 tips on returning to work after a career break, The Straits Times
​1 April 2022 - The pay's hot, but tech recruits flounder amid HR curveballs, The Business Times


March 2022

30 March 2022 - Jobs, salaries & bonuses in S’pore in 2022: Manpower survey – Who’s hiring and paying the most?, Vulcan Post

​​​​​30 March 2022 - If you're looking to fulfill your staffing needs, these 10 firms are ready to help, Human Resources Online

​​​23 March 2022 - There are so many job vacancies in Singapore, but where are all of the jobs?, Unscrambled

​​​22 March 2022 - 71% of Singapore employers bullish on salary increments of 3% or more in 2022, Human Resources Online

​​​22 March 2022 - Singapore's Q2 net employment outlook strongest in a decade but lower than global average: survey, The Business Times

​​​20 March 2022 - How to build up soft skills that employers value, The Straits Times

​​​14 March 2022 - The Big Read: Idea of expiry date on degrees rightly panned — question is how do universities up their game?, Channel NewsAsia

​​11 March 2022 - Some firms rethinking MC policy, but will an honour-based sick leave system be a reality in the long run?, Channel NewsAsia

​6 March 2022 - 6 tips to ensure your resume makes the cut with recruiters, The Straits Times

2 March 2022 - Firms in Singapore that offer mid–management recruitment capabilities to HR professionals, Human Resources Online

February 2022

22 February 2022 - Tech salaries soar as US, China firms vie for talent in Singapore, The Straits Times

13 February 2022 - 8,000 workers received first Covid-19 jabs last month, as S'pore tightens workplace rules, The Straits Times

​​4 February 2022 - S'pore firms confident despite Omicron wave, plan to make hybrid work permanent, The Straits Times

January 2022

​​30 January 2022 - Stay or go? Quest for better quality of life pushing some to rethink priorities, The Straits Times

​​30 January 2022 - Battle for tech talent driving up salaries, staff attrition, say observers, The Straits Times

​30 January 2022 - The Great Singapore Resignation: Fact or myth?, The Straits Times

​​24 January 2022 - Overworked in S'pore: Study shows one in two logs extra hours since Covid-19 pandemic started, The Straits Times

​​24 January 2022 - Half of workers log longer hours after pandemic began, The Straits Times

​​24 January 2022 - Middle managers work longer hours than bosses, junior staff: Survey, The Straits Times

​​23 January 2022 - Attendance bonuses for staff who refuse sick leave common in S'pore, The Straits Times

​​23 January 2022 - Attendance bonus a common practice in some sectors, The Straits Times

​​9 January 2022 - 3 ways to invest in yourself in 2022, The Straits Times

​9 January 2022 - Grow your skills, The Straits Times

​3 January 2022 - 4 Job Sectors In Singapore That Will Do Well In 2022, Yahoo News Singapore

2 January 2022 - Stay in to do the job, The Straits Times

1 January 2022 - Trends to watch in 2022: Staying home to work, The Straits Times