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Events Recruitment

What is the benefit of using Manpower's staffing services for events?

Our contingent workforce solutions give you the increased flexibility to whether seasonal highs and lows or deliver on a critical opportunistic initiative. Whether you need a single experienced electrician for a one-day installation or 50 bilingual representatives for your new call center, Manpower can provide the talent you need. As your company experiences seasonal highs and lows or engages in special initiatives, our contingent workforce solutions can give you increased flexibility.

Workforce Management

Manpower's customized Workforce Management solutions can address any or all aspects of your contingent workforce strategy. We partner with you, on-site or off-site, to provide end-to-end solutions to increase productivity, agility and efficiency. This can include:

  • Order Management Obtaining, fulfilling and managing orders for contingent talent

  • Assignment Management Manage time capture, payroll, invoicing and assignment changes

  • Onboarding and Training Training associates and your staff on program processes such as order requests and time capture

  • Associate Management Managing associate relations so you can focus on your core business

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