Temporary & Contract Recruitment

What do you want from your contract and temporary staff?

Someone with the credentials to undertake the project and the ability to get on with it immediately. Someone who will fit into your team and have a flexible attitude.

Staffing needs are not always of a permanent nature as business can face contingent staff requirements such as replacements for employees on maternity and/or sick leave, peak workloads and a special project requiring a specific skill set for a limited time.

For over 60 years, Manpower has recruited high quality temporary and contract employees for our clients. Our national office network allows us to match candidates to clients and clients to candidates. We have a proven track record in delivering total recruitment solutions in Singapore. Our starting point is understanding your business and matching our people to your business needs. Through our validated methodology and process we are able to supply the skilled and quality people to suit our client's needs.

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We understand your market

Manpower consultants have the experience and knowledge of your industry to place the most suitable candidates at all levels of your business.

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We reduce your fixed staff costs

The employment of temporary staff can provide a cost-effective solution to your business, because we keep your fixed staff overheads to a minimum with a flexible workforce, just in time.

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We take control of your flexible workforce

Our temporary staff are employed by us with a full contract of employment and generous perks including a comprehensive benefits program and free training. Depending on the number of staff deployed, an On-Site Manager may be deployed to supervise the temporary staff.

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We have the resources

Our training and assessments mean you receive the right people with the right skills. They're continuously building new skills, through our ground-breaking powerYOU, available online, with tutors and seminars offering courses ranging from the basics of IT to business management.

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