ManpowerGroup In The News 2023

ManpowerGroup in the News 2023

December 2023

​16 December 2023 - 2023: Revenge of the bosses as most workers returned to the office, The Straits Times

November 2023

​28 November2023 - Company-paid trips a 'powerful' recruitment and motivational tool: HR experts, Channel NewsAsia​

27 November 2023 - Overqualified for a job? How to avoid being passed over for a role, The Straits Times

October 2023

​24 October 2023 - Is it time for companies to rethink the way they hire and groom talent?, The Straits Times

​​​16 October 2023 - askST Jobs: Going on maternity leave with peace of mind, The Straits Times

September 2023

​​​20 September 2023 - Singapore employment outlook survey: Which industries are the most attractive in Q4 2023?, Vulcan Post

13 September 2023 - Singapore’s job market remains resilient as hiring continues, HRM Asia

13 September 2023 - About 4 in 10 firms mull hiring older employees, Singapore Business Review

12 September 2023 - 近半受访雇主有意增聘 运输物流汽车领域招聘需求高, Shicheng News

12 September 2023 - Despite economic concerns, Singapore sees strong hiring trends at 48%, People Matters

12 September 2023 - Nearly half of employers expect to increase hiring levels, Human Resources Director

​​12 September 2023 - Job prospects in Singapore positive despite economic worries: Poll, The Straits Times

​10 September 2023 - Bank finds flexi-work solution with Blend of Purpose and Balance, The Straits Times

​9 September 2023 - The Winding Road: Who says I need to do more?, The Business Times

4 September 2023 - askST Jobs: Should you accept a job offer from an employer with bad reviews online?, The Straits Times

August 2023

30 August 2023 - ST Picks: From hybrid to 4-day work week – How flexible are workplaces in S’pore?, Financial Chickens

30 August 2023 - Employers & employees differ in view on how flexible workplaces are in Singapore, The Independent Singapore

29 August 2023 - Majikan, kakitangan beza pandangan mengenai aturan kerja fleksibel, Berita Harian

29 August 2023 - How flexible are workplaces in Singapore? Employers and employees differ in view, The Straits Times

5 August 2023 - ‘Don’t waste my time’, The Business Times

1 August 2023 - askST Jobs: When two colleagues seem too close for comfort, The Straits Times

July 2023

11 July 2023 - Applying for college: Even top students pay up to $15,000 a year for help with college applications, The Straits Times
11 July 2023 - When there’s wayang in the workplace, The Business Times

​June 2023

13 June 2023 - Which sector has the strongest hiring intention for Q3?, Singapore Business Review

​​13 June 2023 - Demand to fill green jobs in Singapore fuels hiring optimism for Q3: Survey, The Straits Times

​5 June 2023 - Staff moving on to other places? Time to embrace it, The Business Times

May 2023

16 May 2023 - Tackling the urgent manpower challenge in insurance, The Business Times

15 May 2023 - askST Jobs: What to say or not say when bosses ask for feedback, The Straits Times

April 2023

27 April 2023 - 53% of S’poreans Feel They’re Underpaid for The Work They Do, Goodyfeed

​24 April 2023 - Commentary: Employees pay a hidden tax by staying on with their companies, Channel NewsAsia

19 April 2023 - My colleague likes to take credit for my work in front of the higher-ups. Is it too petty of me to tell the higher-ups about this directly?, Thrive by Business Times

10 April 2023 - How to choose the best training pathway, The Straits Times

March 2023

17 March 2023 - Ready and resilient: Report identifies top skill sets you need to thrive in the future, The Straits Times

17 March 2023 - Apparently, It Costs Around S$1,000 to Get a Fake Local Degree, Goodyfeed

16 March 2023 - How easy is it to get a fake Singapore university degree certificate, and what are firms doing to detect this?, Channel NewsAsia

14 March 2023 - Chart of the Day: APAC sees strong hiring intentions, Singapore Business Review

14 March 2023 - Strong’ hiring market expected in Q2, Singapore Business Review

9 March 2023 - Experts Share Tips On Getting Your Resume Pass Automated Screening, Singapore Women's Weekly

8 March 2023 - Are you a robot? How to be human in an AI-run world, The Straits Times

7 March 2023 - Job switching in growth sectors not merely driven by salaries: industry players, The Business Times

​7 March 2023 - How To Move To A Rival Company Without Burning Bridges, HerWorld

6 March 2023 - askST Jobs:How to get colleagues’ support when you’re promoted ahead of them, The Straits Times

1 March 2023 - Should we worry about AI...or about humans?, People Matters

February 2023

23 February 2023 - Interview with Dr Tomas on I.Human book, CNA938 Radio

23 February 2023 - How SMEs can build certainty into their businesses for 2023, SME Horizon

1 February 2023 - The soft skills that can get you a job, LinkedIn News Asia

January 2023

30 January 2023 - askST Jobs: How your resume can pass automated screening, The Straits Times

22 January 2023 - Hongbao get cuddly in the Year of the Rabbit, The Straits Times
7 January 2023 - Hiring plans in Singapore dip for first quarter, Human Resources Direct
6 January 2023 - Employees in Singapore can be expected to be paid higher salaries in 2023, HRMasia

5 January 2023 - 45% of employers surveyed in Singapore plan to increase headcounts: Q1 2023 employment outlook, Human Resources Online

5 January 2023 - Jobs, salaries, bonuses in S'pore: Manpower survey - who's hiring and paying the most in 2023, Vulcan Post

5 January 2023 - S'pore's Q1 hiring outlook dims, but firms prepare to pay more to attract workers: Survey, The Straits Times

2 January 2023 - askST Jobs: How can you get up to speed at work after a long sabbatical?, The Straits Times