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Your Most Important Job Search Tool is Still Your Resume

Your Most Important Job Search Today Is Still Your Resume

From personal websites to social networking, job seekers have a wide variety of tools and resources to help them land a new job. With all these options, don't forget the importance of a solid resume.

Modern job seekers enjoy the benefit of many helpful tools and resources to assist in their search. From social media and online job boards to professional recruiting agencies, there are so many new things to try to expand your network and help you stand out. As you're experimenting with these new resources, it can be easy to forget the important role a resume still plays in your job search. Besides the fact that your resume is required for most employers (and is one of the necessary elements to help get your foot in the door), it is also a helpful tool to help organize your experience and define your personal brand. The best approach is to leverage your resume in parallel to your other job search efforts. Here are a few ways to make your resume work in sync with everything else you are doing to find a job.


Include links to your social media profiles on you resume 

Job searchers use a variety of methods to accomplish this. One way is to include a social media section on your resume. More often than not, this section is at the bottom of the resume. Other job searchers include social media profiles with their contact information at the top of the page.

Link to your online portfolio

Some people use LinkedIn as an online portfolio, but there are other websites that serve as portfolios for creatives, entrepreneurs, and specialists of one stripe or another. If you have an online portfolio, link to portfolio items from your resume. This is particularly effective if you post your resume online anywhere.

Post your resume online

Speaking of online resume posting, you can upload your resume to your personal website, to your LinkedIn profile, and to other sites such as job search websites where it can be found by potential employers.

Brand your resume to look like your online publishing assets 

One sure way to stand out in the crowd is to use design as a branding element across all of your online publishing assets. This includes your website, your social media accounts, and your resume. Instead of simply creating a bland black & white resume, if you post it online, brand it for easy recognition and credibility.

Your resume is still an important part of your job search strategy. Make it more effective by ensuring it works with all of you online job search methods.


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