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5 Reasons Your Job Interview Didn't Land You the Job

5 Reasons Your Job Interview Didn't Land You The Job

​​If your job interviews aren't resulting in job offers, you could be sabotaging yourself.

Job interviews are the last step to receiving a job offer. That doesn't mean every interview will land you an offer, not every interviewee can get the job. However, if you are going to a lot of interviews and not getting any job offers, it's possible that one of these five things could be holding you back.

  1. Bad first impression

    If you make a bad first impression, you could still land the job, but it will be a very difficult hurdle to overcome. Things that can contribute to a bad first impression? Showing up late for the interview, not dressing appropriately, or not acting professionally during the interview. Before interview process begins, rehearse your interviewing skills with someone who can, and will, give you honest feedback.

  2. You don't explain why you're qualified for the job

     Employers seek job candidates with specific qualifications relevant to the position. Discover what qualifications your interviewer is looking for. If you don't have the required qualifications, then don't waste your time or theirs. Instead, search for jobs for which you are qualified, and practice explaining how you are qualified to hold the job.

  3. You talk negatively about your current or previous employer

     What goes on in the mind of an interviewer when she hears trash talk against a former or previous employer is, “Will this person talk bad about me or my company?” Granted, there are some bad employers out there, but learn to talk about your employment experiences tactfully so that you don't have to go negative.

  4. You haven't researched the company 

    If you have not researched the company, it will show. Put some legwork upfront and learn something about the organization that you can discuss in the job interview. Being prepared will demonstrate to the person interviewing you that you have come prepared and are engaged in the process.

  5. You don't ask questions about the job

     If you have taken the steps necessary to demonstrate your qualifications for the job and have researched the company, you should have no problem coming up with  a few strategic questions to ask your interviewer about the job. Write them down before you leave your house, and keep them handy so that you can refer to them during the interview if you get stuck. 

When interviewing for a position, take the time to make a good first impression, research the company, ask good questions, rehearse your job qualifications and keep the conversation positive. 

This article is contributed by Right Management, www.rightmanagement.sg, the global career experts within the ManpowerGroup.