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Temporary Work: Does It Fit Your Style?

Temporary Work Does It Fit Your Style, career resources Manpower Singapore

A flexible schedule. A variety of work experiences. Learning new things. Sound appealing? Then take a closer look at temporary employment.

Demand for good temporary employees continues to grow across a wide range of industries, from office services and manufacturing to technology and healthcare. Companies need temporary employees to manage periodic increases in their workload or to complete special assignments. Many also use temporary workers year-round to complement their permanent workforce, and as a way to find and test new hires. Good workers can choose the type of work they want to do, which can help them grow professionally.


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about temporary work:

What exactly is temporary work?

Temporary work is a work assignment that lasts for a specified period of time. Assignments can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Some assignments can turn into permanent, full-time jobs. Once an assignment is finished successfully, the worker can move on to something new.

Isn’t temporary work just for unskilled people?

Not true — companies need temporary employees with diverse skills, educational backgrounds and work experiences. Some of the Manpower positions most in demand include assemblers, call center agents, customer service representatives, business analysts, electrical engineers and sales managers.

Why do people choose temporary work?

For many reasons. A recent graduate may want to test-drive jobs in different industries before settling on a career path. A mom re-entering the workforce might start with a temporary assignment to maintain a flexible schedule.

Someone who is unemployed may use a temporary job as a way to maintain an income flow while looking for permanent work. Others find permanent positions through their temporary assignments. And, some people simply prefer temporary work because it fits their lifestyle better than a permanent job.

What are the qualities of a great temporary employee?

Successful temporary workers welcome changing work environments and assignments. They can adapt quickly to new jobs with a willingness to learn. They also have the basics down.

They always arrive at work on time, they show initiative on the job, and have a great sense of personal pride in what they can accomplish on each assignment.


Manpower recruiters are always paid by the employers, not the job candidates.

88% of temporary employees say that temporary or contract work made them more employable.

40% of Manpower’s temporary assignments lead to permanent opportunities.