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11 Simple Tips to Keep in Mind during a Job Search -- the Unwritten Rules

11 Simple Tips To Keep In Mind

Based on conversations with a veteran recruiter, below are eleven job search tips that job seekers should consider. They may seem obvious but they are often overlooked.

  • Have your name in your email address:

  • State your name in your voicemail greeting:

  • Return calls promptly and be patient:

  • Be polite/ be respectful/ be positive/ be professional to everyone you come in contact with during the hiring process:

  • Be enthusiastic/ show energy/ be confident/ be yourself:

  • Don’t forget that you’re in an interview:

  • Prepare and be prepared:

  • Demonstrate agility, organizational strengths and responsiveness from the first contact with a company:

  • Listen:

  • Don’t hijack the interview:

  • Smile:

This article is contributed by Right Management, www.rightmanagement.sg, the global career experts within the ManpowerGroup.